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West Houston Consumer Rights Attorneys

Can I Sue Debt Collectors?

Are you being constantly harassed by debt collection companies? If debt collectors are calling you morning and night at work and at home, then they may be in violation of your civil rights. In fact, in some cases you could be in the position to file a lawsuit against the debt collectors who have been harassing you. If you believe that you have the grounds to take legal action against a debt collection agency then contact us at the Law Office of Corey L. Mills without delay. One of our West Houston bankruptcy lawyers will be glad to assist you with your case.

Our premier West Houston bankruptcy law firm is driver to protect the rights of debtors all throughout Houston. We take our job very seriously and we are on a relentless pursuit to put an end to creditor harassment. Our firm takes on bankruptcy, automatic stay and creditor harassment cases of all types and we pride ourselves on assisting individuals and families who have fallen victim to the harassment and abuse of creditors. If you are facing insurmountable debt, then you are not alone. Many good, hard-working people are in the same boat and are searching for ways to get back on their feet. This is why there is a surplus of creditor harassment cases in Houston and all through the United States.

If you would like to put an end to creditor harassment for good, we can help you file a lawsuit against the debt collectors.

Call our West Houston firm today to schedule a free initial consultation!

Protection Under the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

According to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, you have rights as a debtor and when a creditor violates those rights there can be legal consequences. Under this piece of legislation, debtors have the right to sue a debt collection agency for $1,000 or more in some cases. In cases such as these you can even go after additional damages, and restitution for attorney fees and court costs.

There are explicit rules and regulations that debt collectors and collection agencies must follow under Texas Law. According to The Texas Debt Collection Act, collection agencies are prohibited from the following behaviors:

  • Using Profanity
  • Making Violent Threats to a Debtor
  • Ignoring a Debtors Request to Not Call them at Work
  • Talking with Outside Third Parties About the Debtor’s Financial Affairs
  • Not Telling a Debtor that they are Calling as a Debt Collector

If a debt collector or collection agency has violated any of the above regulations, then contact our law firm without delay. We are committed to protecting the rights of our clients and we will take legal action of your behalf.

Hire a West Houston Creditor Harassment Attorney

If you are tired of being harassed by debt collectors and creditors, we can help you stand up to protect your rights. Consult with a West Houston bankruptcy lawyer from our firm today to find out if you have legal grounds to sue your debt collectors. Our firm offers a free case review and we are standing by to take your call. For friendly and professional legal service, entrust your case to our legal team here at the Law Office of Corey L. Mills. We can help make the collection calls stop so that you can get your life back. Call us today at (281) 374-2057 to get started on your case.

Contact a West Houston creditor abuse lawyer at the Law Office of Corey L. Mills to find out if you can sue your debt collector.